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Friend for a day, friend for a lifetime

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This post is inpsired by my lifetime friend, who recently blogged a post “Friend for a day…a company service?

In her post, she asks whether something similar to a dating service could be done for non-romantic relationships. Like matching ppl with similar interests to hang out for a day. My immediate reaction was, uh, twitter kinda does that, sort of, only online. Doesn’t it? Sometimes?

Meanwhile, I am reflecting on MY day with my friend (whom I have known since kindergarten btw but who does not live in Egypt) and how lovely it was. She visited me on campus, and some of my students from the twitter scavenger hunt were still hanging around so she met them (will blog about it after i read their reflections). What was so cool is she had read my blog beforehand so knew what we’d been doing today!

Later, she agreed to eat carbs & lemonade with me (Auntie Anne’s pretzels) even though her first response when i mentioned food was: no carbs! That’s friendship man

And then it occurred to me she might enjoy the gamification workshop my colleague was offering so we went together. We both had to leave partway but it was fun and even more fun to share it with her.

We were talking, she and I, about a couple we know who’ve known each other since high school and are still married years later. I was in awe of that.

Then suddenly, as i started writing THIS post, I realized that i had known this friend since we were FOUR YEARS OLD! Come on! We were not BFFs at that young age but got closer around age 9 maybe? It’s not been perfect, we’ve had one or two downs (one, i think?) but that only makes me appreciate having her in my life so much more. I’m so lucky to still know her, to still have so much in common, to be so compatible despite our v diff lives now.

And… I’d take her as my “friend for a day” any day, because she’s a friend for a “lifetime”

10 thoughts on “Friend for a day, friend for a lifetime

  1. The friend for a day is an interesting one – but there are things that do that already. When we travelled, we used Servas,, and as ways to meet local people. Sometimes we were looking for places to stay, but we also used the sites to connect with people in various countries. In several cases our friends for a day became lifetime friends – but not always. Either way, for people who want to get out and meet random people, there are websites and organizations to help facilitate it.

    Servas ( is a particularly interesting one, as they began after world war 2, and have been running ever since – when we did our bike trip they were in transition – having been an organization that was largely paper-based, moving into one that leverages social media and the web. I think they are still in transition.

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thanks for sharing would love to try out both, it would be a great way to really experience the people and the place… is also an interesting one, it connects people who are in the same place for a hug or cuddle…but some times the relationship develops into friendship or dating as well.

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