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Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Digital Literacies & Intercultural Learning May 2 2019 #netnarr

If you’re aren’t in my class, you are welcome to join our Twitter Scavenger Hunt, scheduled for Thursday May 2nd at 10am Cairo (8am UTC). If you can’t join synchronously, you can always post a mystery photo or such ahead of time, or schedule some tweets then come back later and respond to students or…

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Join Us for #UnboundEq Twitter Scavenger Hunts – Sept 17 & 20

If you only have time to participate in a one-hour fun intercultural learning experience, and make my students *very* happy… It’s time for another Twitter Scavenger Hunt fun connecting 🙂 This semester, I’m doing it as part of Equity Unbound (an equity-focused open connected intercultural learning experience I’m co-facilitating with Catherine Cronin and Mia Zamora…

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Join me in Reviving Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Intercultural Learning Class

I’ve been doing Twitter Scavenger Hunts on and off for several years now in my educational game design module. Now that I’m teaching a course on digital identities and literacies and intercultural learning, I’m modifying it quite a bit. So I’m just going to lay out some of the ideas I’ve got here and see…

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Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Fall 2016 #gameseg #cclasses

OK – I’ve finally gotten around to writing this blogpost! We’re doing a Twitter Scavenger Hunt again Thursday November 10 at 10am Cairo (8am UK) time. Here is the gdoc with instructions (also embedded below). This year, I’m hoping others will engage (esp from UK) when students also use #cclasses hashtag. I’ve set up the…

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Twitter Scavenger Hunt Spring 2016 – April 4

I’ve done Twitter Scavenger hunts several times now. I do them as a way to get students to play on Twitter, discover a game that’s quite different from what they normally do, and to give students a small glimpse of global collaboration – which they can then try to make use of when they blog…

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Re-Thinking Twitter Scavenger Hunt

I had a heavy dose of reality y/day as I read students’ blogposts on the Twitter Scavenger Hunt. It occurred to me before that asking students to reflect on blogs might produce overly positive responses as students try to please me or would not want to publicly critique me, but some of them actually did,…

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Twitter Scavenger Hunt Spring 2015

I just had my second iteration of the Twitter Scavenger hunt today. It was SO MUCH FUN Thanks to all my online friends who participated in making it more fun for my students. As with last time: Many students were confused at first but eventually did well Students were so amazed that someone responded to…

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Reporting on Twitter Scavenger Hunt

If you’re new here and don’t know the backstory, I had a Twitter Scavenger Hunt with my students on Nov 4 to introduce them to twitter. It was my first official class with these students because I am inly teaching 1/3 of a course (module on edu game design). Developing the activity started as an…

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Constantly Updating Twitter Scavenger Hunt – Handout for Students

Hello! I’m working on my handout for the Twitter Scavenger hunt and have been inspired by #digiwrimo to embed the google doc into my wordpress page – so you’ll find it below – please feel free to post comments. Before embarking on the Scavenger Hunt, I will share with students Alan Levine’s Twitter life cycle:…

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Twitter Scavenger Hunt for Nov 4th – Update

This is a blogpost to update everyone who volunteered to help me out with my students’ Twitter Scavenger Hunt on Nov 4th, as a way to introduce students to twitter before our Twitter game (hacking #tvsz planned Nov 14-16). I’m writing this to keep track as well, and solicit ideas 🙂 The current post is…

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