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Open Peer Review – Final batch of MLA keywords (including one of my curations)

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I’ve been working with Mia Zamora on curating the Network keyword (you may have seen our crowdsourcing call earlier) for the MLA Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities project (it feels like a book, but it’s more a collection of keywords). It’s an awesome project because different “curators” basically take a keyword they know a lot about, and explain what it is really briefly to potential newbies, and they curate 10 digital artifacts that someone new to the field could use to help them teach it.

We struggled a bit with choosing just 10 artifacts, and I blogged about that…because at some point I started to feel it was important to be “inclusive”. However, there were so many limitations on what could and could not be accepted for as an “artifact”… so some things got relegated to “additional readings” and some things had to be removed, or got referenced in the Works Cited but were not themselves key items. I hope we’ve done the keyword justice, keeping in mind that there was a different keyword “community”.

The extra awesome aspect of this is that, over phases, batches of keywords are “released” for open/public peer review – so anyone can give feedback on a keyword and the authors can then review based on that feedback. I’ve given feedback in previous batches – this is the last batch:

Final Batch of keywords: Open Peer Review Ends February 1, 2017

  • Authorship
  • Community College
  • Curation
  • Diaspora
  • Digital Divides (Annemarie Perez)
  • Disability
  • Future(s)
  • Gaming
  • Hashtag
  • Indigenous
  • Labor
  • Language Learning
  • Network (Mia Zamora and me)
  • Social Justice
  • Storytelling (Bryan Alexander)
  • Visualization

Only those keywords marked “Under Review” are open for comments at this time.

If this is your first exposure to this collection, you may be interested in PAST curations by some awesome people… like…

  • Hybrid (Jesse Stommel)
  • Affect (Liz Losh)
  • Race (Adeline Koh)
  • Annotation (Paul Schacht)
  • Access (George Williams)
  • Failure (Brian Croxall and Quinn Warnick)
  • Play (Mark Sample)
  • Online (Amy Collier)

And many more – these are just ones I’ve looked at myself and remember well… but you’ll find many more great ones there – useful for you and for anyone whose teaching you support 🙂 Love this project.

And looking forward to your feedback on ours 🙂

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