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Institutional Frustration


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Gosh I really need to get this off my chest.

So there was a time before I got my PhD and became faculty, before committees and taskforces.

For some odd reason, the institution asks us to do these committees and taskforces and put forth these processes. We discuss them with other faculty in different areas and decide together on something. And then no one wants to follow it. And then you’re like supposed to be the policeman of something you never even wanted to do in the first place.

I am trying to figure out if

  1. We should not interfere in the first place. I am a faculty developer offering non-judgmental support. I don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t want to be worked with 
  2. Interference should come from whoever at the top wants this stuff and can get folks to do it because really, I couldn’t care less.
  3. Faculty should be more involved. I don’t know how coz you can’t involve everyone 
  4. Governance is important and we should do these processes….but something in the process of creating the processes needs to change

It’s probably #4. What I don’t understand is…when people create processes then they themselves (or people who know the processes well) work in parallel outside of the processes. Ok wait. I understand why someone would prefer to NOT follow process. What I don’t understand is why people create them then when someone doesn’t follow it, no one cares. They just shrug. Which means this:

  • People create processes that some people follow (or these processes become barriers and people don’t do stuff)
  • Some people don’t follow process and get what they want coz no one stops them

So processes are a privilege that some people don’t follow and other people respect and the processes can become barriers or headaches for them. But not the others.

And in all of this… I don’t wanna be part of this game that I don’t understand. 

If someone consistently doesn’t follow processes they know well about or even helped set up, it’s gotta be either

  • They’re above the process
  • They couldn’t care less about the process
  • They maliciously put processes for other people to stumble on but theu themselves can move faster 

So…. Why?

If there’s a workaround for everything why can’t we just be honest about subjectivity and processlessness and just live in honest chaos. 

I am guessing like 2 people in the world will understand what this post is about. Unless everyone finds this as frustrating as I do.


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