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Feedback Requested on My Students’ Games

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As I do every semester, I’m posting here links to my student’s digital narrative (choose-your-own-path) games for the semester. This is their first draft, so please give them feedback to help improve their games. These games are created to promote awareness or empathy for a cause students care about and they do either some introspection (if it’s their personal experience) or some light research (if it’s not something they have personal knowledge about). Background on the assignment if you’re interested is here.

  1. Mohamed Radwan, Are You Thirsty?
  2. Malak and Farida, Special Olympics
  3. Mohamed Mohamed, No Need for Speed
  4. John and Merna, Beggars and Parking Helpers
  5. SAlma and Alia Peer Destruction 
  6. Nour, Striving/Struggling Family
  7. Dalia and Omar, A Day in a Slum Resident’s Shoes
  8. Mahmoud game
  9. Yahia, Clean Pile
  10. Khaled Good Citizen *first draft not playable/branching*
  11. Omar and Nourhan, Manufactured Evil (I love this game name!)
  12. Fatma and Salma, Harassment
  13. Habiba Social Inequality
  14. Carol Narchi Bullying
  15. Zeina Bullying
  16. Youssef Imprint
  17. Ramez What is Your Decision?


The short link to this blogpost is:

To give structured feedback to students on their games, please use this form:

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  1. Mine are not either. I teach Business and Crime Analytics. The ideas for the games next year would be a lot more meaningful if the students use the examples yours do.

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