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A Quick Note on the Female Anatomy

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Thank you God for all the pleasure I have had in my youth with the special parts of my body that made me give nourishment to my child and build an emotional connection with her… and the parts that made me enjoy my husband’s love.

But can we now talk about modern Western medicine and all the ugly tools used to degrade and crush and violate the female anatomy in order to check its owner’s health? Is there truly no other way to examine a female body than to hurt it worse than the pain of the dentist drilling into your gums?

If I could start a new career from scratch, I might want to dedicate my life to modifying the instruments used to examine women in ways that are as respectful and loving as those body parts deserve. These are the parts everyone’s mother (everyone has a mother, right?) used to conceive, carry, give birth to, and nourish them in infancy. Gently, and with love. They deserve to be treated gently even when they are no longer (or not yet) healthy and functional. If nothing else in our bodies deserves this, these parts do. Will someone someday do it, or are women’s bodies not important enough for anyone to care?

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