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The Value of Family Time

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I’m angry and frustrated and probably should not be blogging right now. But I think this is something worth getting angry about. I think I need to remind myself never to let this happen to me again.

If anyone asks me to participate virtually in something and then I end up not even getting the chance to speak, I need something in return. I don’t know what it is.

But today, I gave up 1.5 hours of family time ON MY WEEKEND to talk in a way that helps promote values and activities of an organization I am part of and believe in…

First they made the mistake of doing it on a Friday which is weekend for many of the participants

Second, they didn’t have a contingency plan for technical difficulties. I offered two solutions on the spot. Someone who had technical problems could not speak so I asked her to type and I spoke on her behalf (which maybe someone mistakenly thought I had already spoken??). I also sent my intervention as an audio file in case something went wrong. I was called upon to speak last person, then someone onsite interrupted, then when I came to speak I disconnected for like 30 secs but by time I was back in, they didn’t let me talk. Grr

Third, they did not stop people who spoke too long from taking over. A few people near the end took more than their designated time.


In future, lesson learned.

If anyone asks me to take time away from my family…. so on a weekend, on afternoon or weekend after her school time…

It better be worth it and they had better plan to make it worth my time. Because this is not acceptable. Not because MY time is precious. But because my FAMILY is precious and I will not do that to them again.

Now to find a nice way to say all this…

4 thoughts on “The Value of Family Time

  1. I’m sorry this happened to you and I think you’ve got every right to blog angry. I think it’s actually useful for event organizers to hear that reaction. (In general, not just at this event.) It’s not just that “oh, that blowhard went long and the tech failed”; it’s “people were hurt and insulted, not just my guest but also the family and friends of my guest.”

    Managing panels and conversations isn’t easy and (as you know) I don’t always feel good at it, but getting better starts with recognizing why some problems are big problems.

    I’m really impressed with that “I’ll send you an audio file in case the tech fails” solution and I have to remember it for future… but then for them not to use it… *sigh*

    1. Turns out the audio file didn’t go thru quick enough, and it’s possible they would not have checked their email during anyway? In any case, they should have offered that option for all in case of tech failure…then maybe made a podcast of it all later… or something!

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