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Upcoming talk about Remote PhD Supervision

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You gotta love your PLN. I was working today on my slides (draft here, comment access) for an upcoming virtual presentation I’m doing for Imperial College, Kings College and UCL remote PhD students this Thursday inshallah… And I had an epiphany, which I tweeted

Within hours, I had received a response from a local American colleague, Kim, from Rissa in New Mexico and Heather in Connecticut, US, Lenandlar in Guyana, and Juandoming in Spain (in Spanish). I decided on a whim to insert those into the presentation as a demo of how PLNs work!

Here is the link to listen to an audio version of the session (to preserve anonymity of participants) which will be Thursday June 7 at noon UK time (1pm Cairo, 11 GMT) [updated link after the fact]

Some Twitter reactions to the talk from folks onsite

From people watching online

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  1. Yeah. I recorded it and then converted the YouTube to audio to preserve privacy upon one participant’s request. It’s linked on my blog:…

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