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Equity Literacy – Complicating Inclusion & Diversity in Education

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So the awesome Greg Curran of Pushing the Edge podcast interviewed me a few months ago. He asked me specifically to discuss things related to my blogpost, Unpacking Terms around Equity, Power and Privilege.

The interview itself was wonderful, in the sense that Greg’s questions helped me think deeper and I think I emerged from it a more reflective person, and felt really refreshed. I still remember how it felt.

So the podcast is out now and you can listen to it here or here:

It is really interesting that this particular podcast comes out now, because for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading to and listening to stuff that augments some of the ideas in the podcast.

Most prominently in my head right now is the idea of “equity literacy”, as defined by Paul Gorski (I came across it in a book he co-authored, but I’m quoting from this openly available brief article):

[Equity literacy is] the skills and dispositions that enable us to recognize, respond to and redress (i.e., correct for) conditions that deny some students access to the educational opportunities enjoyed by their peers. Equity literacy also describes the skills and dispositions that allow us to create and sustain equitable and just learning environments for all families and students.

He then lists the core principles of equity literacy as:

  1. Recognizing inequity
  2. Responding to inequity
  3. Redressing inequity
  4. Creating and sustaining an equitable learning environment

The book I’ve got introduces this concept in more detail and offers case studies for use in the classroom, where one can practice these principles in a class discussion. I’ll write more about the rest of this model later, because I both want to use it in my class, and also want to critique it…

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