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Join us for another #TowardsOpenness workshop – Re-thinking Design for the Inclusion of Marginalized Learners

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So in case you missed my tweet from yesterday, I’m co-facilitating a workshop at #OEB17 with Christian Friedrich and Hoda Mostafa – I’m virtual, they’re onsite, and we’re hoping to have the workshop hybrid, so we have room for a few virtual participants to join in! Which makes complete sense for a workshop on the inclusion of marginalized learners, right?

So if you’re interested in joining us, please leave a comment here, on the website contact form, or tweet to me @bali_maha – I’ll be using Google Hangouts On Air and the workshop will be livestreamed on YouTube.

The workshop takes the #TowardsOpenness format, which starts with sharing some provocations with the audience (you can watch the awesome provocations we got from Mary Helda, Sherri and Elana on our website ahead of time – and I have actually already used Sherri’s in classes and workshops!!!) and then we have a discussion around them, then we go into a “design sprint” where over 70 minutes we go through  a design-thinking process around issues of equity/inclusion in #EdTech, with each table deciding on their preferred focus challenge to address (the virtual folks can be our own “table”).

Again, the website is – let me know if you’d like to join in!

Header image by 1980Supra shared on Pixapay with a CC0 License. [this was one of the images we were considering for our session but we ended up choosing another one, so I’m using it for my site. Christian found it 😉 ]

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