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All the things I could do… if I participated in #YouShow15


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My mind is running a mile a minute but I’ll try to capture some of the reasons why I’m interested in #YouShow15, aside from the fact that it’s you know, Alan Levine, and anything he does must be cool 🙂

My own faculty portfolio

I’ve been wanting to do a creative portfolio for myself for ages. I think I might create it somewhere else, but blog reflectively about it here. Not sure… will see! I also need to create my official annual faculty report and I’d love to have a creative looking portfolio beside it, so…

My students’ portfolios

My students blog about their work, and I’ve found the guidelines in “Showing Your Work” from YouShow really helpful. But maybe going through the full experience will give me more ideas. It all reminds me of what Terry Elliott said about having my students create a video of the “making of” their game projects

#rhizo14 CAE research

We’ve been struggling in #rhizo14 about how best to represent the autoethnog. I’m thinking YouShow might give us ideas for how to at least tell the story of the process of working on this and show it in creative ways (other than academic papers). We’re considering many options – this might widen it more!

I’m gonna have to cut this short but I imagine I’ll get many more ideas that I could share with other people for their own work as well…


Looking forward to hearing more even though I know my time will be really tight the coming few weeks



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