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Have you seen this article about studies that claim iPad reading before bedtime could kill you?

How did I come across it? My uhh husband sent it to me in a private message on facebook, and i,.. Uhhh… Read it at… Wait for it… 4am


The article claims that ppl who read on iPad (rather than regular books) tend to end up staying awake longer (is it maybe coz of notifications from social media? Possibility of doing more like writing, opening more books? Or coz it is less disturbing to the rest of the household coz u don’t need to turn other lights on?) and sleep less well no matter how many hours (maybe again the notifications? Maybe the “high” from getting notifications or doing an energetic twitter chat makes it more difficult to sleep well?). They claim it’s the blue light emitted. I think it’s more.

It doesn’t really claim what’s in the title, that it might kill you, just that it is detrimental to health like increasing risk of obesity (understandable), diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers (oh my God) – all from the blue light, and not to be compared to reading a regular book before bed. Ok so all these things might kill you. Eventually.

But if i didn’t have my iPad, i might as well just die. No, really. If i could only read paper, and only during the day, i’d die of intellectual understimulation. So i’m hyperstimulated and insomniac? At least i am living.

Before i had my iPad, i used to listen to audiobooks in bed, which are cool and were great when i was pregnant and when my child was very small, but now i have trouble listening to a good non-fiction book without taking notes. It still works ok for podcasts or novels, though. I just went back to preferring text, but i still like audio.

Before audiobooks i just annoyed everyone in the house by keeping lights on until they all went nuts. First my parents, then my husband. One time when we lived in our one-bedroom in Houston and had my in-laws over, i went at midnight and read in the bathroom. No, really.

So here is my theory. Insomniacs who have hyperstimulated minds aren’t good at relaxing, at all. Having an iPad w wifi feeds this. But without it, i’d still be awake doing something, and if not, i’d be awake thinking a lot of thoughts. Or even funnier, dreaming up solutions to problems that are on my mind. No, really.

Here is a fun story.

My phone vibrates at 5am, a long one, so i look to see who’s calling, and i see it’s Pete – calling all of us for that hangout i said i wouldn’t make. I actually slept early w my daughter (she slept 7, i slept 9, kind of) then woke up w her at like 4am coz she wanted a drink (at which point i read the article i mention earlier). I found some emails n tweets so i wasn’t really asleep at 5 but drowsy. I considered answering. Closed my eyes, 5 mins later, i considered answering. Hmm, how could i do it without waking anyone up at home? 5:30 i hear the call for prayer and i get up to pray. I hold my phone? Hmm shall i go get my headset?

Naaah. I just left them a message and an email… Then put my head on the pillow. 6am i decide to shift my alarm to an hour later coz i don’t have any early meetings today.

And here i am at 7:30 writing this blogpost 🙂

Boy, do i have issues!


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