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I _____ therefore I am human


What does it mean to be human? I posted something on facebook recently and a friend said, “we are losing our humanity”

I was thinking about the current events in Palestine/Israel, and how sometimes (usually?) we are numb, we make ourselves numb in order to survive, in order to live and move on with our lives while other humans are suffering. And I thought of what it might mean for someone in Israel (I am biased, of course) to justify the killing of children by their own government (I do not absolve the other side, but the Palestinian people are not the same as Hamas; however Israeli people do vote democratically for their government that is committing these atrocities). Update: Here is a really great summing up of the situation I just read, expressed way better than I ever could:

Palestinian extremists’ attacks on innocent civilians must be condemned and ended but the root of the conflict lies elsewhere — in the dispossession of the Palestinian people. Israel currently occupies, colonises, bombs, raids, and controls the water, trade and the borders of a legally free nation that has been recognised by the United Nations. In Gaza, Israel has created the largest open-air prison in the world, and then blockaded it. Now as bombs fall, the families, literally have no way to get out.

There was news and photos (probably not real?) of Israelis “watching” (for pleasure, seemingly) the bombing of Gaza. I refuse to believe these photos, did not even research it. Just refused to believe it.

Anyway, I have never met a Jew or Israeli who thinks this is “ok” on either side. Then again, most “kinds” of people I meet and who would talk to me about this are probably on the more “liberal” side and would unlikely feel otherwise or at least tell me otherwise.

So… I thought of “I think… Therefore I am”, and it’s still #clmooc, so I am hacking that statement.

Instead, I would say…

I feel..therefore I am human

Or breaking it down:
I feel therefore I empathize
I empathize therefore I am human

So here’s my make with “light” for #clmooc


(Thx to Mallory from #clmooc twitter chat for pointing me to the glowtxt website/tool)

(P.s. This is a new – more serious? – direction from questioning humanity that took place in #edcmooc and twitter vs zombies!)


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