What Matters (in Palestine)

We have to keep reminding ourselves about what truly matters in the situation in Palestine and who are the people furthest fro

Help Others Find Their Purpose in Life with Ikigai

I heard about Ikigai a few months ago at a keynote. It is a Japanese approach which helps people connect their passions and st

For Yasser

Dear Yasser I’m so sorry we lost touch. And I just found out a few hours ago that I will never have an opportunity to re

#BlackLivesMtatter meets #FreePalestine

This is going to be a very brief blogpost. In case you haven’t heard this podcast episode with Sawsan Jaber talking abou

Why New Amsterdam Isn’t Democratic Caring

Recently, my collaborator on equity/care, Mia Zamora, left me a message on how Equity is an outcome, while care is a process.

Stories from Palestine

After spending time offering facts about Palestine, it seems right that now what I want to share are first-person stories of P

Explaining Palestine to a 9 Year Old

I spent some time yesterday trying to explain Palestine to people who meant well but understood very little about the Palestin

About Palestine

I’m no political expert, but Palestine is in my heart and what happens there makes my heart bleed. It’s ongoing wi

Rethinking Education: 5am thoughts for an upcoming panel

I’m part of a panel this Thursday, Sept 10th on Rethinking Education in Egypt. The panel will be in Arabic. Here is the

How Might We Decolonize Time? And Other Reflections from Inclusive Citation, Inclusive Academia webinar June 30

How might we decolonize time? I flippantly wrote in the chat yesterday “we need to decolonize time”, but a partici