Separation Anxiety – and Gratitude for a Beautiful Class

This post is about how I feel about my class this semester. There’s something extra special about the feel of this class

Discovering Palestinian Culture in Educational Theory – Munir Fasheh

May the walls of your cocoon, Be just thick enough, To allow you to struggle, Just long enough, to emerge, The beautiful perso

100 Years of AUC

Yesterday, my university, my alma mater started its Centennial celebrations- the first of many events happening over the comin

Quick Cynefin Example

I need a quick Cynefin example to use in a session with educators who are not necessarily academics so I need simple language

Yes, But… Addressing Complexity in Egypt’s New Educational Reforms

I’ve been asked to participate in a panel on Monday with two other educators/researchers responding to the new education

My Final (Teaching) Reflection for Fall 2017 Part 1/3

This reflection has been on my mind for a while, and I thought I would write it here and do it this way.  Background 

Hidden Curriculum of a Cartoon

This is a good school-related story gone bad. I was at first elated when my kid told me about a cartoon her teacher showed in

Reminders About Rankings n Quality 

There is no reason for me to explain why I hate University rankings. Or is there? Today, I attended a talk by Professor K

A Day of Floating and Grounding at @RISEEgypt Solutions Summit

Yesterday, I spent the day at a conference/gathering, part of RISE () Egypt. I knew some of the team from before, and had been

Way to Turn Kids Off Learning 

So my kid is walking evidence of the importance of affect in learning. She’ll learn better if she likes the teacher. I&#


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