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Discovering Palestinian Culture in Educational Theory – Munir Fasheh

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 26 seconds

May the walls of your cocoon,

Be just thick enough,

To allow you to struggle,

Just long enough,

to emerge,

The beautiful person,

I already know you to be

Quote from ending of a beautiful story cited in Munir Fasheh’s blogpost The Trouble with Knowledge.

I discovered this educator this morning and am fascinated by his folk Palestinian deep thinking about education and espitemic injustice. I am here collecting some of what I tweeted today from his work.

If you understand Arabic here is a full TEDx Talk by him

If you don’t understand Arabic, here is a part of the TEDx talk subtitled.

If you want an incredible insertion of linto local knowledge into edu theory…check this out: Using Israeli hens and Palestinian hens to describe the difference between authentic learning and learning that is disconnected from life… Munir Fasheh. This is genius use of culture to theorize education (from Harvard Educational Review)

Other quotes from the Trouble with Knowledge

“Giving a number or a letter to measure a human being is dishonest and inhuman; it is a degrading to the human mind and to human beings. Grading, in this sense, is degrading.”

“1=1 is true in schoolbooks and on tests but in real life it has uses, abuses and misuses, but no real instances. We abstract apples in textbooks and make them equal but in real life there is no apple which is exactly equal to another apple.”

Another video by him… in English.

“Theories should not replace stories. We can live without theories but we cannot live without stories”

Will blog more as I read more. A gem!!

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  1. I like how your brain skim through and bring quotations and ideas and put them together softly to stimulate our brains as well.

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