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Quick Cynefin Example


Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 46 seconds

I need a quick Cynefin example to use in a session with educators who are not necessarily academics so I need simple language to demonstrate complex ideas šŸ™‚

Here is the example. It may be off base, so please tell me if so. It relates to a student who is struggling with reading

  1. If the student reads well up close but badly from afar, this is a SIMPLE problem with an OBVIOUS solution. Get theirceyes checked and get them glasses. Or move them to sit forward in class closer to the board.
  2. If the student reads equally badly up close and afar, and also has spelling issues, consider Dyslexia, which is less well-known in Egypt and not usually an opthalmologist’s domain, but an expert can analyze, figure out if iti s dyslexia and what degree it is, and ther are ways to gelp the person become a better reader with time, usually. This waa a complicated  problem that needed expert opinion and analysis, but once the expert works on it, they can figure out a solution with time.
  3. If the student learned to read and passed tests one year then the next year were unable to read, this seems like an unknown problem with unclear solutions. It could be any number of social, cultural, psychlogical or physical things, and will require probing. It is a complex problem requiring us to try different things to understand and solve it, and an expert cannot work alone on it because it needs to involve other people (stakeholders) to solve it
  4. If an entir class of students suddenly cannot read and they have an exam tomorrow this is a chaotic situatuon (in this case probably sci fi hehe) and you would not know where to start but you try all kinds of things coz there is no time to probe first…

I am less confident about the 4th one. Do these sound reasonable or am I conflating things? 

Thanks in advance for feedback. I am not using any of the examples usually used with Cynefin coz they didn’t feel right. But I will look them over now.


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