Help Others Find Their Purpose in Life with Ikigai

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I heard about Ikigai a few months ago at a keynote. It is a Japanese approach which helps people connect their passions and strengths with ways of making an impact in the world – establishing a “reason for being”. I haven’t read the book so many others have heard of.

I have since used it with my students (to help them choose a project that reflects their passion), as a reflective activity in MYFest22, and with my own child when they asked her to research her career or choice and she was like “I have no idea what I wanna be!”

Here is the video we recorded with a small group during MYFest, while others were in breakout rooms doing the activity:

#MYFest22 recording of Ikigai

Here is the link to a fuller description of how you might use it in a class, on our OneHE/Equity Unbound Community-building site:

How might you use it in your context?

Feature image of Japanese Cherry Blossom by Elizadean on Pixabay:

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  1. That’s very enlightening. Besides my academic interests, I’ ve always been passionate about learning more about human psyche and well being. I came across Ikiagi on the net a while ago and now after the video I would dig deeper into it


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