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#BlackLivesMtatter meets #FreePalestine

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This is going to be a very brief blogpost. In case you haven’t heard this podcast episode with Sawsan Jaber talking about Palestine, you really should listen. She explains the Palestinian story and connects it to settler colonialism and oppression so clearly (I don’t remember if she also uses the term “apartheid”). She is speaking with Sheldon Eakins of #LeadingEquity

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, where we know justice is not yet close to happening for Black people in America, it’s I think also important for allies against social justice in different forms and different parts of the world to support one another. And that’s why that podcast matters so much.

Header image from Pixabay. I know there is nothing “cute” about the content of this post/podcast, but the two kittens represent the two movements and how close together they can be.

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