What Matters (in Palestine)

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We have to keep reminding ourselves about what truly matters in the situation in Palestine and who are the people furthest from justice in this tragedy.

Sure, it is good news that young people on university campuses, and often their faculty, are marching in support of Palestine. This is important and needed. Sure, it is bad news that Jewish people become harmed by anti-semitic sentiment due to the actions of Israel regardless of whether or not they are complicit in this. Sure, it is outrageous how university campuses are reacting to the protests by silencing students.

None of this is worth taking up all of those new cycles and spending less time talking about innocent people who are dying and truly suffering in Palestine (and honestly other parts of the world, for many many months now like in Ukraine as well).

Focus on the real issues, and yes I know we feel helpless to effect change there. Read what Steven Salaita has written about how professors/academics can support Palestine (yes, including attending demonstrations, of course!). And news coverage on support for Palestine is important so the world knows that even though the politicians are on the wrong side of history in this genocide, many of the people on the ground are resisting and calling for a humane response. But the tragedy here is not about Palestinians/Arabs/Jews in the West being afraid of going out (I’m sorry this is happening, it’s awful). The real tragedy is that Palestinians in Palestine don’t know if they or their families will be alive in the next second, and many have already lost close relatives and neighbors.

This is the kind of news we should be following and bearing witness to and that media should center: tracking the actual genocide:

A friend of mine sent me this excerpt of a poem by Emily Berry called Because of Us:

This morning I learned

The English word gauze

(finely woven medical cloth)

Comes from the Arabic word […] Ghazza

Because Gazans have been skilled weavers for centuries

I wondered then

how many of our wounds

have been dressed

because of them

and how many of theirs

have been left open

because of us

Header image: “Free Palestine” by alisdare1 via Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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