Stories from Palestine

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After spending time offering facts about Palestine, it seems right that now what I want to share are first-person stories of Palestine. There are three I want to share, but first of all, remember poet Mourid Barghouti in I Saw Ramallah, who said:

“It is easy to blur the truth with a simple linguistic trick: start your story from “Secondly.” Yes, this is what Rabin did. He simply neglected to speak of what happened first. Start your story with “Secondly,” and the world will be turned upside-down. Start your story with “Secondly,” and the arrows of the Red Indians are the original criminals and the guns of the white men are entirely the victim. It is enough to start with “Secondly,” for the anger of the black man against the white to be barbarous. Start with “Secondly,” and Gandhi becomes responsible for the tragedies of the British. You only need to start your story with “Secondly,” and the burned Vietnamese will have wounded the humanity of the napalm, and Victor Jara’s songs will be the shameful thing and not Pinochet’s bullets, which killed so many thousands in the Santiago stadium. It is enough to start the story with “Secondly,” for my grandmother, Umm ‘Ata, to become the criminal and Ariel Sharon her victim.” (Barghouti, p. 177 on Kindle)

So this slam poetry by Rafeef Ziadah. Shades of Anger

And this by Rafeef Ziadah as well: We Teach Life, Sir

Also, this poem, by Lena Khallaf Tufaha, I came across on Twitter about the warning calls before raids of buildings – performative humanity at play:

Text-based version of the poem (more accessible) here

And then this brief from Mariam Barghouti on how anger and hope work together here:

Killing Gaza film (Dan Cohen) is free to watch on Vimeo (1h36m)

The story of dispossession of Palestinians from their land in maps (sorry if I am using the wrong terms?)

This piece in the NY Times of a father telling the story of his child asking if Israel can bomb/find them in the dark:

And then one last important thing not to forget. There are Jews and Rabbis calling for Israel to take responsibility, and this is an important part of this story

And a side note. I found a curation of resources for teaching kids about Palestine. Mostly Arabic and some in English too.

Featured image of women holding Palestinian flag by Hosny Salah on Pixabay

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