Invitation: Launching @unboundeq with @miazamoraphd and @catherinecronin

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This is an open invitation to come and join us for Equity Unbound:)

You may have seen the hashtag #unboundeq on Twitter or seen us tag the account or link to our website:

What is it?

Equity-focused, open, connected learning intercultural experiences…anyone can dip in and out, or do them all!


I have been involved in a heck of a lot of intercultural learning and it rarely makes use of the potential of open, connected learning and intentionally focuses on equity while developing digital literacies.


Mia Zamora, Catherine Cronin and I all share this common interest in all these things, and we assume many people in our PLN (and beyond) also do. So we thought of creating a set of activities around such themes, and using the activities across our different classes. Much of this is stuff we would already do in our own classes anyway, but there were possibilities to do these openly and collaboratively. Feel free to jump in, or do offline versions of these, or any combination of the two.

Right now, the website is emergent (will continue to be so!) but we have a skeleton of weeks, themes and possible activities and are building those up as we go. Check out the themes and dates on our website.

Activities include reflective blogging, annotation, multimedia making and Twitter conversations as well as live studio visits with guests.


Starting Sept 9 up until mid-December. Though of course you can use any of the activities any time that suits you!

Who Can Join?

Anyone 🙂 If you are an educator you can join as yourself at any time; or you can invite high school, undergrad or grad students (let us know if doing so) or even other educator colleagues.

How Do I Join?

You can currently subscribe for email updates if you like that kind of approach. Or follow us on Twitter @unboundeq

Soon, we will include forms for adding your blog to be aggregated/syndicated on our site, and opportunities to add your own activities to the list.

Header image source: CC0 by Gordon Johnson (Pixabay)

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