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Upcoming Keynote #emergeafrica (recording available)

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**Note: this blogpost is updated with slides and video recording at bottom**

I have a keynote coming up for emerge Africa’s online conference called Festival of e-learning… and it is the first time I decide to just talk about Virtually Connecting in a keynote. I never did before for several reasons:

  1. Vconnecting is not mine alone and never was. So it feels like I should always be co-presenting it
  2. Vconnecting is my baby (conceived and nurtured in community) so it feels like bragging

But I decided to break my rule for this conference because it’s a conference focused on Africa and I felt like it is worth sharing a model of open practice that was co-founded by an African…me.

But I am still hung up on it not being about me…so I put out a call on Twitter because I wanna hear what it is for others and to incorporate that into my talk. I will also cite existing blogposts of course!

If you’d like to participate, here is the Twitter call and thanks in advance:

My slides are ready – embedded below and open for comment

Keynote recording available on YouTube here:

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