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You Poor Weed, You


Hi, I’m a weed. I’m just minding my own business here. Oooh nice water 🙂 oh, what? You wanted to plant some Zucchini here? Ok, i’m just minding my own business…oh, you’re removing me? But I… (cut)

(A week later)

Hi, I’m a weed. Yes. I know you pulled me out last week when you planted the zucchini. But you do know I was here first? (Resists as feels itself being pulled). You do know I am multiple, don’t you? (Cut)

(A week later)

Hi. Well it’s useless to introduce myself again. Clearly you recognize us. We’re not trying to intrude upon your space, we’re just trying to survive here. We know we have a different approach to things, but you know, we’re not actually asking you for anything…(cut)

(A week later)

Resistance is futile. Can’t you see that your plants are growing? I’m only taking as much as I need and making do. (Tone softens) Can’t we just co-exist? (Cut)

(A week later)

See? I relocated slightly. Well it appears that way to you, but we’ve got underground networks you can’t see that… Oh, I better not tell you about those. (Dig, pull)

(10 days later)

See? Now that you’ve waited? I’ve got flowers for you this time. Yes, I know, aren’t I pretty? Will you keep me this time?

[in lieu of a blogpost for this week, in case i never get time to answer those important questions. Writing the above from my limited gardening experience but it made me think of Palestine too, an imperfect metaphor but it kept coming to me; I blame Dave Cormier for that, too; the idea of writing this way of course is inspired by ppl like Tania Sheko, Simon Ensor, Dogtrax, Tellio and Susan Watson. Tho i could never do it as well as any of them 🙂 Hack away if you feel like it


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