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When you ask me for video…


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I do a lot of stuff with video, but I almost always do it reluctantly. For many reasons.

Disclaimer: I love meeting people face to face, and something like the virtual buddy thing I did with Rebecca Hogue was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

But video drives me nuts.

From home, the internet connection is just good enough to do a Google Hangout on Air from my PC and record it live – but too slow for creating video live on YouTube or VoiceThread, and REALLY slow if I create a video on any of my devices and then upload it, onto YouTube or dropbox or whatever… it takes FOREVER.

From home, I have to dress up and check that my daughter isn’t making too much noise in the background and isn’t going to appear (though sometimes it’s ok if she makes an appearance, I guess and she likes it)

From home, I prefer to be on a mobile device (children run around, need to go potty, need to be fed, and can fall off of chairs – I need to be able to move around; even when she is asleep I am often home alone with her and would have to be able to go comfort her).

From work, I have to close my office door (I hate doing that) and find enough time to do it (not always possible because I have so much to be doing while I’m physically at work)

On the road, which is the MOST time I spend/dedicate to non-work online stuff, the connection won’t let me watch or record video, so that’s out.

Watching video exhausts me and also needs special circumstances of quiet and no one else at home needing the internet at the same time.

Yesterday on twitter, people like Sean Michael Morris and Mike Caulfield told me that possibly the exhaustion I feel after synchronous online interaction (video or twitter) might be similar to how introverts feel after they’ve had social interaction. That was a useful thing to learn about. I wonder if introverts feel that exhausted after online interactions, too, though? I think what happens with online interaction is that my body tenses up in an involuntary way that doesn’t happen f2f and possibly that’s what happens to introverts which exhausts them?

But the next time you ask me to do something on video… know this:

I love seeing your face, hearing your voice; and I love opportunities to show my own face and talk to you, but if you really don’t need me to do video for you… please… don’t ask me to 🙂 unless it’s a google hangout. I can usually manage one of those. Especially if you have high tolerance for a 3-yr-old kid showing her face occasionally 🙂 or for me turning off the video feed from my side most of the time 🙂

[this information does not apply to Rebecca Hogue haha]


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