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Feedback Please on My Students’ Game Ideas #unboundeq

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As with the past few semesters, my students are creating their own choose-your-own adventure narrative digital games.

It really helps when they get feedback on them. All the blogs are aggregated at but to make your life easier I will link directly to each blogpost with an idea of the topic – the topic should be a cause they care about…

  1. Driving under the influence by Karim and Mahmoud
  2. Judgmental people by Yasmin and Nermeen
  3. Privilege and helping others by Mariam and Youssef
  4. Orphans in Egypt by Pansee
  5. Stress by Hana
  6. Athletes in Egypt by Abdalla and Amena
  7. Football/persistence (not sure exactly what this game is about) by Nada and Mohamed
  8. People with disabilities and Egyptian transportation by Farrah
  9. Athletes at university by Ziad

If you have a minute… Pick one of the games and leave a comment… They will appreciate it!

Thanks in advance

3 thoughts on “Feedback Please on My Students’ Game Ideas #unboundeq

  1. Have commented on Hana’s Stress game – I like the way this learning experience connects research with real world issues and the development of digital and networked learning skills 🙂

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