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Crazy Patriarchy at Play – a Play #moocmooc

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one night…

He: I am going to X tomorrow

She: oh, could I come with you?

He: Yes

She: can I bring Y with me, or should I leave her with Z?

He: no, bring her! You know X wants to see her, how could you consider otherwise?

She: ok… I just know sometimes you…

He: we’re all going

She: ok

next morning

She: so when r we visiting X?

He: not sure yet

a few hours later, in the car,mon the way to Z

He: so i am thinking, you stay at Z, we shouldn’t take Y to see X today?

She: why not?

He: because…

She: ok, but i can leave her with Z and join you at X. I can take a taxi, you don’t even need to pick me up

He: no, neither f you is going

She: why not?

He: because i said so

next day

She: could you just take care of Y for a minute? I need the bathroom…

He: no, i will be late for work. Why didn’t you ask earlier?

She: i was making u breakfast and getting her dressed but now i really need to go. I’ll be late for work, too

He: are you implying your work is as important as mine?


in a meeting at work

She: so shouldn’t we consider XYZ?

Another he: let’s move to the next point on the agenda

A third he: hmm i wonder if we need to talk about ZYX?

Another he: oh, excellent idea! Why didn’t anyone think of it before?


You get the picture

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