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Ingredients of Me

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I just found out about this cool thing (though I’m sure someone else has done something like it in front of me, maybe in #clmooc? But for some reason today I thought it was cool and took the time to do it. So just wanted to share the excitement 🙂

Got the link via a blogpost of Alan Levine’s (can’t remember now why he sent me to that post, but here’s where to go to make one of your own: )

(oh, and I just did this real quick; I think I’d do something different if I reflected a lot more and it might be different on another day, but that’s how my day was today)

Ingredients of me, remixing the one by @cogdog
Ingredients of me, remixing the one by @cogdog

13 thoughts on “Ingredients of Me

    1. Yes exactly, that’s why I tagged clmooc. There might’ve been someone who did it, but i didn’t think it easy to do

    1. That’s cool 🙂 funny that i blogged this and so many ppl liked it,when I actually stumbled upon it whike trying to do something else. Makes it all worth the time I spent doing it (not much, but seemed frivolous at the time). It’s comments like yours that make it seem valuable, and make me happy about my compulsive blogging!

  1. It makes me smile to see how that can of beans has been remade into these activities. For what its worth, this came about in experimenting with the Mozilla Web Maker Thimble tool

    The idea however came from an earlier DS106 Daily Create Writing Assignment I wrote in July 2013– “Write what would appear on your ingredients label (e.g. what makes up your personality)”

    which I literally took and looked at can of beans in my cupboard.

    This is how ideas flow.

    At least, this is how I understand it- the notion of ideas “belonging” to one person owning them, is silly

    1. It’s that flow. This is a good story for your stories of connection too BTW – with Susan’s story of how she used it with ab immigrant student added on

    1. Thanks. I noticed but haven’t had time to get on a PC and fix it. My mobile apps make it difficult to reach old posts to change them

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