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#twistedpair challenge: @audreywatters meets Doc McStuffins

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 51 seconds

So Steve Wheeler sent me a tweet today to join in the #twistedpair challenge. First option was Einstein and MontyPython (this latter is too unfamiliar to me to respond w/o research), but he also invited us to make our own paids. This could be a cool classroom exercise, will try it someday!

For now, the first pair that came to mind is one at merges my parenting with my online academic life…so here you have it: Audrey Watters meets Doc McStuffins.
Audrey: Doc, #edtech is broken

Doc: I can fix it. Show me

Audrey: I don’t think you can fix it. The problem is much bigger… Dr. George Siemens has practically abandoned it…

Doc: let me try. 

(In true Doc McStuffins fashion, she checks the ears, the eyes, and how you’ve grown; listens to the heartbeat…)

Doc: I checked the ears. I found that while #edtech has gotten better at creating software and devices that record sound and transmit sound, it has not been listening well to the needs of teachers

Audrey: yes, it’s been too busy listening to corporate greed

Doc: Let’s check the eyes. While more and more #edtech is encouraging visual stimulation and expression, this seems to be creating a more superficial engagement with knowledge and learning, it’s also ignoring accessibility issues. Not everyone has megafast internet. Some peope don,t even have internet

Audrey: but oh my, has it grown!

Doc: its grown so much I can,t measure it, this might be a case of growing-too-fast-osis! We might need to kill it completely?

Audrey: oh, oh, but let’s check the heart. It might be a more complex diagnosis!

Doc: youre right. Hmmm the heart… It’s mostly dark and hollow butt htere is a glimmer of hope there… There is a place in there that seems to be trying to push for better listening, better seeing, and more careful growth. Critical but caring.

Audrey: right…

Doc: those must be the critical pedagogues in #edtech. Maybe the solution is to support them, and find ways to turn this around organically?

Audrey: it will be tough, but we can try. I’m calling Jesse, Bonnie, Alan, and the gang πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “#twistedpair challenge: @audreywatters meets Doc McStuffins

  1. Good one Maha

    By way of coincidence I happen to have some Doc McStuffins band aids (because they stick better than adult bandages and come in more than white-person-flesh-tone colours, kid’s bandages are the choice of construction workers here in Canada who come in many colours too). So if critical pedagogy gets rough…

  2. Glad you chose a teleplay. Something totally unexpected in parts scary and glorious will happen to education. Pretty sure it’s on zombie legs right now where I live, bur your optimism is noted and appreciated.

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