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Some Days, Virtual Hugs Are Better!

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I can’t go to work today because I have an eye infection that my opthalmologist friend & colleague has deemed viral, highly infectious, and not treatable (!). Caught it from my daughter (came to her after a sore throat, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea… Lucky me i just got the sore throat and eye infection yay).

Anyways, I hope I haven’t infected others already. I did go to work yday and ppl thought i’d been crying my heart out, my eyes were so red. Today they’re worse.

My kid looked at my very red eyes this morning and asked “are you sad?” And I explained no, that they were just painful

Now about those hugs. I didn’t hug anyone at work yday because I didn’t want to infect them (apparently it travels distances so this might not have helped. Fingers crossed).

I usually say I wish I could hug my virtual friends. Yesterday I was glad I had virtual friends I could not hug physically.

First there was an awesome video conversation with a group of awesome #edtech women, we will all be presenting together at #et4online – don’t miss that session! It’ll be streamed, so virtual attendees can watch, and I’ll be the token virtual panelist 🙂 Worth noting that most of us in that call were recovering from a flu or such. Global bug, it seems.

Then there was a private chat with Rebecca Hogue, who had also been sick recently. Glad i was not infecting her.

Then a wonderful spontaneous twitter chat with a several friends on Twitter, and glad I couldn’t infect them, either.

So… All in all… A productive night, no physical hugs, everyone’s safe from me 🙂 well, “virtually” everyone 🙂

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  1. Better days, better eyes. Tell those eyes to relax and be calm. Let me know if they are bothering you too much to read and I will read the first little bit of Wind in the Willows. It always cheers me up.

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