Open All Night – Tuesday March 6 for #openlearning18 & @muralUDG

I’ve got an exciting evening lined up tomorrow (Tues March 6) a and I’m just gonna share the links here. First up,

Upcoming Hangout – #101OpenStories for #YearOfOpen

I’m really looking forward to this hangout happening Tuesday July 25 at noon my time (6am EDT/11 BST). Watch/join via th

Curation of Posts on Open Pedagogy #YearOfOpen

In preparation for Monday’s Open Pedagogy Hangout (see announcement here – includes list of guests and YouTub

What is Open Pedagogy? #YearOfOpen hangout April 24

What is Open Pedagogy? Who gets to define what open pedagogy is, and how does that affect all of us who call what we practice

Post #OpenedSIG Webinar, Pre #OER17 #OpenEducationWk

This morning, I had the honor of being a guest with the warm and welcoming Teresa Mackinnon on an #OpenEdSIG webinar that̵

Fixing the shirt but spoiling the trousers #OER17 Open Call for Your Stories!

So I am finally getting around to solidifying (inasmuch as someone like me can solidify something this far ahead of its date)

Perspectives on #OpenAccess During #OpenLearning17 hangout

We just ended the first of two #OpenLearning17 hangouts, with Frances Bell, Chris Gilliard, Chris Friend and surprise guest, P

Categories Beyond Gold and Green #OpenAccess

In case you don’t know, we’re reading Peter Suber’s book Open Access this week as part of #OpenLearning17

Open as a Need? #oer17

One of the struggles I face as a developing critical pedagogue is addressing intersectionality fairly in the complex ways it d

Are We Spectators or Actors?

​(this blogpost is influenced by recent discussions with friends from my digped community – i say “my” bec