Perspectives on #OpenAccess During #OpenLearning17 hangout

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We just ended the first of two #OpenLearning17 hangouts, with Frances Bell, Chris Gilliard, Chris Friend and surprise guest, Peter Suber, whose book on Open Access we’ve been reading this week. The hangout was co-facilitated by Sue Erickson and myself, and I also invited folks from the community to participate, so Amy Nelson and Jim Luke joined us and enriched the discussion further. When putting together the guest list for this, I thought of reaching out to people with diverse approaches to openness, and I think while we all have a similar orientation towards openness and social justice, we definitely took different approaches to it in the hangout. From Chris Friend talking about openness in the Hybrid Pedagogy review process, to Frances Bell providing her perspective on open access over time, and offering critical questions (what Frances has to offer is so multi-faceted it’s difficult to summarize, honestly), and Chris Gilliard talking about digital redlining – and Peter Suber answering questions on different topics, but particularly giving his views on Gold Open Access that involves Article Processing Charges. There were some great questions from Twitter and within the hangout and some useful resources/links shared to the #OpenLearning17 hashtag on Twitter (Storify here). To watch the hangout:

The second hangout is planned for Thursday March 9th at 1pm South Africa time (6am EST) and will be a Virtually Connecting session from #OEGlobal (in Cape Town) with Laura Czerniewicz, Catherine Cronin, Rajiv Jhangiani and Caroline Kuhn. That session will be livestreamed and recorded also, and the link to watch is below:

See you around!

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