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Open All Night – Tuesday March 6 for #openlearning18 & @muralUDG

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I’ve got an exciting evening lined up tomorrow (Tues March 6) a and I’m just gonna share the links here.

First up, I’m co-facilitating a week on Open Access with Sue Erickson as part of #openlearning18 (more details here), including annotating Peter Suber’s book and hanging out with Peter, Thomas Nkoudou Mboa and Ivonne Lujano on Tues at 3pm EST/8pm UTC/10pm Cairo time. There’s room to join the hangout if you like. Let me or Sue know.

Right after that (4pm EST/11pm Cairo) , Robin DeRosa and I are hanging out with the UDG Mural folks doing work at the U of Guadalajara in Mexico (Tannis Morgan, Grant Potter, Alan Levine). Details here.

So I’m basically open all night until midnight – see you there!

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