Building Trust & Creating Online Safe Spaces for Marginalized Participants

I think about this a lot. I know there are articles on it. There isn’t one that comes to mind immediately, and there are

Designing Inclusive Courses for Diverse Learners

I’ve been asked to design a brief online learning experience on Designing Inclusive Courses for Diverse Learners. I thou

Wellbeing When You Gotta Be Online

I was recently in an informal conversation organized by my good friend Rebecca Hogue, discussing how we are managing our wellb

If Students Don’t Have Internet, If Students Don’t Wear a Mask…

Two things inspired this post, and I want to invite folks to engage with both of these questions with a lens of equity and car


I realized today as my boss and I failed to meet in a phone call that we are jugglers. We’re trying to get a heck of a l

Curating Teaching Experiences During COVID-19 #PivotOnline

NewsletterSo I just finished curating some good practices of emergency online teaching at my institution. Here is the newslett

How to Make 4 Invited Talks in 2 weeks

Ok, so I am sure many high profile speakers do this all the time. But it was more than usual for me. I’m not counting wo

Bury Myself

I’ll bury myself with work So I can breathe I’ll bury myself all day So I can sleep at night I’d rather bury

Please Give Feedback: Student Narrative Games

(Thanks to all who gave feedback before Nov 5. Students are now working on their final drafts) This semester, I extended the m

(Anywhere But) Home

Sanctuary Where you belong Where you’re always welcome Where you run for safety What conjures up warmth A place to relax


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