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License to…? A Rebus Community Office Hours Discussion on CC licenses Nov 29

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Today, Nov 29 at 7pm UTC (9pm Cairo, 2pm EST) Rebus are hosting a discussion following a Twitter storm initiated by Robin DeRosa on questioning which CC licenses work when..

More info and to join here.

Twitter is most definitely not the best place to discuss nuances of licenses, and so the Twitter convo included links…so I thought I would include some of my favorites right here and some of the tweets

Robin’s tweet (and also my pet license to discuss and Tannis Morgan’s) targets CC-BY-NC as a viable open alternative to CC-BY (I will not link to the dominant view that favors CC-BY because it is already dominant…why should I?)

This post from Tannis (and read the comments!)

My previous posts on this topic

The thread originating from Robin has links to others by David Wiley, Steel Wagstaff and others.

I have views on CC-BY-NC, on usefulness and importance of ND and on how it is all contextual. I also like the notion of doing something other than sticking to a particular license’s terms.

And of course that openness is way more than a license…but something else altogether.

Today’s talk includes Robin DeRosa, Amanda Larson, Cable Green and me.

See you there inshallah.

I will post the link to the recording here when it is done.

Update: recording below

2 thoughts on “License to…? A Rebus Community Office Hours Discussion on CC licenses Nov 29

  1. I hope to listen in.

    Have been thinking some to on the dimension/context of the scale/granularity of what is being shared; that not the same as a license for an image in the same scope as a complex work of a paper/thesis.

    And also (which you write about) that we do not need one license for all our work, we can and should use the array of ones available as the context calls for.

    No URLs here! Hope the comment gets through 😉

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