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Understanding Creative Commons Licenses #cccert

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I’ve done slides (anyone with the link can comment) for the 3rd #cccert assignment due this week. These ones are slightly less customized than previous assignments because I would use it in class to introduce my students to the basics. I actually used some of it in a workshop this week and it was OK but I prefer doing most of this kind of thing hands-on (during which I discovered that Pixabay have created their own unique no-attribution license). The good thing is, you don’t have to attribute (ha) so it’s easy not to mess it up, but I like attributing as a rule… so… anyway!!!

3 thoughts on “Understanding Creative Commons Licenses #cccert

  1. Thanks for the note on Pixabay License; it used to say it was CC0 but just what the world needs is Yet Another License.

    I attribute everything too, regardless of license. I avoid sites that do not give credit to the image, there are a few out there (pixels, that just lift PD images from elsewhere. And avoid maxpixel- it’s a clone of Pixabay. There’s a raft of shady PD image sites.

    1. Note
      I search for CC0 licenses mainly when I need to use something in a banner or some space where it’s difficult to place a license note. Do u know what DOESN’T usually have a license on it? Images shared on Twitter . No one credits the photographers almost ever. Does anyone ever remember who they are? Think VC banners!!

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