On learning outside of formal education

In my first Skype convo with Chris Friend he said something along the lines of “many ppl confuse learning with schooling

Religion, Anarchy, and Disequilibrium

I’ve got 3 blogposts in draft but this one seemed more urgent and might pull loads of other stuff together, including a

Agency in a Syllabus

So for this week of #moocmooc one of the things we’ve been asked to do is consider ways of enhancing/fostering agency of

Discomfort with Deschooling

It’s week 5 of #moocmooc, and we’re reading Illich. I shouldn’t be uncomfortable with deschooling. After all

Cliff’s notes of Giroux’s Chapter #moocmooc

I love reading Giroux. I do. When I started discovering Critical Pedagogy,i read several of his books, devouring them, nodding

An Open Letter to Beloved Oppressors #moocmooc

Dear Beloved Oppressor, This is an “I love you, but…” letter. Let’s start with the premise that you ar

Lose that Winning Culture #moocmooc

Pun intended. We need to lose that emphasis on winning, or succeeding, starting from children’s pop culture, all the way

Changes to my Edu Game Design module this semester

I need to update my syllabus for this Spring. I am tagging this #moocmooc as well because I am trying to think of agency as we

Crazy Patriarchy at Play – a Play #moocmooc

one night… He: I am going to X tomorrow She: oh, could I come with you? He: Yes She: can I bring Y with me, or should I

Disciplinary lines and state lines

This post was inspired by this quote i just read in a post entitled Interdisciplined I never married a discipline so why shoul


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