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Twitter diss – perforate ur thesis a la #gogodoc and #drbon

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Perforate your thesis?
I am just recording this moment in time. The day Laura Gogia defended her thesis and Lee Skallerup Bessette drove over to livetweet it for her friends from all over the world. Hashtag #gogodoc. Reminds me of Bonnie Stewart’s thesis, tweeted as #DrBon and livestreamed by her partner Dave Cormier.

What’s this?

Do you know why this is happening and why there are tens of people followed these hashtags?

A. We know these people.

B. We also know their research. I didn’t need to be in Bon or Laura’s defense to know about their research. They are open public scholars. Not only did we have an idea of the outcome of their research, many of us had an idea of the process and evolution of their research.

C. Some of us participated in their research in some way or another.

So it’s really awesome cool and in line with the values of the research they did…for their thesis defense to have Twitter presence

Update from Rolin Moe on his defense:

And this from Dan:

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