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Request for Feedback on My Students’ Game Ideas

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As I did last semester, I would like to invite anyone who is willing to give feedback to my students on their educational game design ideas. They have to have an Egyptian theme and to be educational, and to be non-digital. That’s pretty much it.

I have 5 groups and will keep adding their blogposts describing their initial game idea as they come in (they are on Spring break and this was a loose deadline, so right now I have 2 posts):

Hieroglyphics/Pyramid game

Scavenger Hunt based game

Solve Cairo board game

If you’re interested in helping, please leave your comment directly on their blogs.


4 thoughts on “Request for Feedback on My Students’ Game Ideas

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  2. Hello
    My name is Nahla, I have an MA in Hyperdrama, and I just wanted to say that this blog and the other online pages are really admirable, in regards to the fact that so far digital literacies in Egypt has little or no popularity, being a rather unfamiliar discipline. So It’s a great thing how you and your colleagues are integrating digital literacy in education. I have read intensively on interactive fiction, electronic literature, virtual reality, hypertext,…..etc throughout my study and it’s a disappointment that I can’t find in Egypt a real interest in such an emerging and very important field of study, I hope that it gains more popularity by time. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nahla – I can put you in touch with some people here who have similar interests. How can we connect?

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