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Some Frameworks for Teaching About Oppression


I was telling someone today about how difficult it is to teach about critical pedagogy and things like oppression in ways that would enable them to name it… and he suggested to me some resources that I found really helpful. It’s not that they told me something I did not know, they just framed it in ways that are easy to explain to a new person (or easier than whatever it is I was doing before!)

The first thing is the 4 I’s of Oppression: Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal and Internalized. Good one, right? Obviously they interact. Here is a two-pager on the 4 I’s that’s really good.

He also recommended the 5 Faces of Oppression. I may have come across this before because Iris Young is familiar, I just don’t remember what I had read by her before (and am embarrassed because I should remember!!). Here is a reading by Iris Young on 5 Faces of Oppression from the Racial Equity Tools website (a great website in general, with many resources for education and action, too). I also found some other really cool resources on the Racial Equity Tools site, like this module on Power Analysis for example.


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