Joy in a Quote and a Photo: Justice and Diversity

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Today, Catherine Cronin quoted Ursula Franklin to me:

“While justice can be understood, can be felt, there is no template to follow, or checklist to work through for ensuring a just outcome. The requirements are humility, a respect for context, and a willingness to listen to the most marginalized voices. Let these define the basic requirements of whatever you do… For your own sanity, you have to remember that not all problems can be solved. Not all problems can be solved, but all problems can be illuminated.” (Ursula Franklin talk summarized here).

Rissa also shared this beautiful image (not exactly the same as the featured image*) of an element called Bismuth (she shared it when I said my kid loves rainbows and loves the periodic table… and it’s just so appropriate and so beautiful).

I just wanted to capture this moment in time when a friend shared a quote that was just what I needed to hear, and another friend shared a photo that was just what I needed to see – both surprised me and brought me joy, and I wanted to share them with you all.

And how these two tackle the topics of justice and diversity in such beautiful ways. What do you get from seeing these?

*The featured image is different from the exact one Rissa shared because hers may be copyrighted.

Featured Image from Filckr by arbyreed CC-BY-NC-SA license

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