Promoting Critical AI Literacies in Egypt

So I have been giving talks around AI all over the place recently, and I thought I might as well at least share ONE of the rec

Have I Got an AI Assignment for You! Speculative AI Futures – Inspiration & Creation

So if you’re getting stuck on what kind of assignment to give your students next, try this one. Invite your students to

Reflections for Education and Parenting from Extended Mind: Movement

I’m still reading The Extended Mind by Annie Paul Murphy and here are some reflections from chapters 2 and 3 on Movement

Warm & Joyful Emails: Emailing with Intentionally Equitable Hospitality #EmbraceEquity #IWD2023

Someone recently told me that my emails spark joy for them, and previously, especially during the pandemic, people told me tha

Are We Approaching a Postplagiarism Era?

So in case you missed it, the wonderful Sarah Elaine Eaton recently blogged about the 6 Tenets of the Postplagiarism Era, whic

Applying “Interoceptive” Learning and Journaling in Class (reflections from The Extended Mind)

So continuing on from what I’ve been writing about the The Extended Mind book by Annie Murphy Paul, the first chapter is

On Location & Time of Day for Online/Hybrid Gatherings

I’m taking a course with Priya Parker on the Art of Gathering these days. It’s mostly asynchronous videos with ref

Extended Mind: What’s New?

I just signed up for a “book circle” (something more than a regular “reading group”) online, where we

On the Automation of “Care”

Whenever someone says, “I used ChatGPT to…” I’m now irked and annoyed. I’m like, “Really?

Sorrow Prepares You For Joy: A Story of Motherhood

“Sorrow prepares you for joy. It violently sweeps everything out of your house, so that new joy can find space to enter. It


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