Reflecting Allowed

Our COVID-19 Affective Card Game

This is more of a parenting post, because I want to remember this thing my kid and I invented during the pandemic. We got kind

From Twitter Thread to Model to Keynote #OpenEd20 & #MandL20

The recent equity/care model Mia Zamora and I came up with for our #OpenEd20 keynote, which builds on a Twitter thread I start

What Hyflex Livestream Models Can Learn from @VConnecting

This blogpost is going to be much simpler than you think, but I am convinced it will make a huge difference to people who are

If I Died Tomorrow…

I was cuddling with my daughter this morning and this thought occurred to me… If I died tomorrow, my daughter would have

Making the Most of Professional Development Online During COVID-19 (3 parts)

If you’re like me, with an unquenchable thirst for learning, you’re probably spreading yourself thin with professi

Watching/Discussing Elections with Kids

This year the US elections were special for so many reasons, but in a personal level, as the mom of a 9 year old who ends up w

Reuse & Remix of Student Assignments

An idea occurred to me yesterday and I tweeted it. I woke up this morning and found more than 300 likes on my tweets, and lots

Join Us for Liberating (Virtual) Lunches

Want to try out some liberating structures and have engaging conversations with colleagues? Want to make sure you carve out so

The Bilingual Doodler

My daughter told me 4 interconnected stories today. I will tell them in the order she said them, and ask you to reflect on thi

COVID Paradigm Shifts – Your Thoughts for an Upcoming Keynote

Don’t ask me which upcoming keynote this will show up in. I haven’t decided fully yet. Possibly whichever one I fe


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