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Jam – Podcasting, annotating, and other stuff

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 33 seconds

Just a brain jam worth recording. 

I recently recorded a podcast w Melissa Mallon for Leading Lines (out of Vanderbilt University) and it was published this week. Take a listen here.

This all comes at a perfect time. I’m about to start doing podcasts with my students (sometime soon) and they’ve started discussing digital literacies, so I might ask them to listen to it.

Interestingly, I talk about my desire to do a discussion on terms and conditions w my students which I keep not managing to do. For reasons. But I need to get over it. Sigh.

I also talk a bit about #edcmooc, possibly the best MOOC I took on Coursera and just before #rhizo14 (which is probably when I became Internet famous, ahem).

Anyway the cool thing is..the team from Edinburgh had recently published a new version of their Online Teaching Manifesto. Really cool. And then Tanya Dorey-Elias copied it into an upcoming creativity in the open event website she’s organizing and started a annotation for it. So I now think my students might benefit from joining THAT party. AND I have a workshop coming up w Nadine Aboulmagd where we introduce faculty to annotation (text and multimedia) so we can use that one for the workshop as it’s quite provocative.

Interestingly Tania also has a little audio  exercise that can be a mini prep for Podcasting for my students! 

So yeah. It all comes together! 

P.S. Do u know what’s hilarious? While getting links for this, i saw my name and noticed that Tanya writes that the annotation was MY IDEA! I checked my email and she’s RIGHT. Lollllllllll. Total brain block. I’m glad it’s had such a good response rate. It’s a provocative manifesto.

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