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Lighter: Interviews & Publications During COVID-19

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So I’m just again sort of curating the various things I’ve been doing in the past week or so. These are all light (which you sometimes need in these quite dark times. There were many dark moments last week, and these were the lighter ones).

First off, one of our theater professors did a “Bakeoff” activity which involved inviting folks to write a short play with particular “ingredients”. My play really helped me reflect on how my child is feeling (it is semi fictional in that I bring up the Gulf war, but it’s not at all true in the sense that I was not in Kuwait during the Gulf war. But there are elements of truth in the play):

Isolation: COVID-19 Meets Gulf War

I was also invited by the faculty advisor of our student newspaper to write a memoir, and I decided to focus it on the Juggling of Identities on a work day during COVID-19 Isolation.

And finally… Dave Cormier interviewed me for his Online in a Hurry (blog? Space? I don’t know what it is exactly!). Because it took us a while to find a good time to meet, I realized so many folks had already spoken about so many things… I chose to speak about the importance of creating and designing semi-formal semi-synchronous in-between spaces online during these times. Here is the video:

That’s it for this week. Next week and the week after, there are public holidays, but I also have two conference presentations coming up. So those should be cool.

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