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Diversimilarity and Community: synergistic post #rhizo15 & #hpj101

So we are discussing community and exclusion this week in #rhizo15 but i haven’t had a chance to read any other posts (e

You Poor Weed, You

Hi, I’m a weed. I’m just minding my own business here. Oooh nice water 🙂 oh, what? You wanted to plant some Zuc

Power that Remains When We Leave the Classroom

It’s obvious but I just need to say it in a brief form: When the teacher (as many good teachers do) decides to pull away

Tips to Make Someone’s Life Easier in a cMOOC

Since I’m going to get super super swamped the next couple of days with #et4online, I’m thinking of how on earth I

Teaching: Nurturing buds at different stages of bloom

I learn a lot about life from the little planting/gardening I do with our university’s adopt-a-plot program. Just recent

Learning as a Gift to Yourself & Others

This post is inspired by Patrick Misterovich’s post where he gives an analogy of emergent learning as shopping for gifts

Subjectifying my Learning!

I have no idea how Dave Cormier does it, but before the offical #rhizo15 start date, there r already 1,000 tweets, an active f

When Public Out Loud is Really Quietly in Private

This post is inspired mainly by the way Bonnie Stewart wrote her bio for this Inside Higher Ed article about Twitter and schol

#et4buddy Pilot Project at #et4online – how ideas are born w @rjhogue & me

By Rebecca J. Hogue and Maha Bali (also published on Rebecca’s blog here) Maha: So i am now definitely NOT going to et4o

Secondhand Derrida & Hospitality: postcolonial, communicative & #edtech interpretations

I just started reading about Derrida’s philosophy of hospitality, via a link from Scott Johnson. I have not read Derrida