Expanding our Imagination

Ana Salter’s visit and her keynote, as well as side conversations with her and listening to her interact with students&n

Weeds, flowers, and mutually oppressive relationships #moocmooc

Trust me, there is a pedagogical angle coming up at the end of this, ok? I have a soft spot for weeds. Ever since I got “

The Question of Education: Context, Scale, Binaries & Generalizations

I’ve been wanting to respond to Dave Cormier’s posts on the problem of education. I love that he’s taking th

The Truth about MOOCs (and err Learning in general)…

The truth about MOOCs is, you can’t know for certain, in advance, how good of a learning experience it’s going to

Content-free Learning, Scale, and #fedwikihappening

I’ve written a lot about my preference for curriculum that is not centered on content, but it rather centered on value-l

2014: Thanks for the Year of Hyperconnecting

2014! What a year! It’s like the gift I am getting for my patience for the very stressful 2011. That’s not to say

#FedWiki – solution to problems we never imagined?

I remember how i felt reading about Smallest Federated Wiki on Mike Caulfield’s blog a longish time ago and feeling exci

Small is Beautiful – Making it Work

I’ve been invited to this really interesting “thing”, and heard someone refer to it as a mini-MOOC on twitte

Hello? The Real Point of Doing a cMOOC is…

Hello? Why again were you taking that cMOOC? You liked the topic? Oh you wanted some good readings on the topic? You could hav

What’s up with unwriting the untext? An update

This is a post intended for #rhizo14ers interested in an update on either the collab autoethnog or the untext we’re unwr


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