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Behind: Emerging Trends in Open Scholarship


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Monday July 20, I am co-facilitating a session that we’ve entitled Emerging Trends in Open Scholarship. This hangout is really close to my heart and has a story and useful links to go with it, so I thought I would blog it in advance.

The story is that during #et4online Suzan Koseoglu joined a buddy hangout with Gardner Campbell and later we discussed finding a way to have a follow-up hangout to discuss technologies of emergence. Then she wrote this guest blogpost for virtuallyconnecting in which she highlighted new trends in open scholarship

And what I did is, I planned this hangout around her blogpost!

So we have Suzan herself as someone who participated in all the new trends she mentions, Jesse Stommel representing the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, Laura Gogia representing #tjc15 Twitter journal club (which she created, and just published about on Hybrid Ped with Simon Warren), Mia Zamora (of #clmooc, #ccourses) and Alan Levine ( known for many things incl #ds106, #youshow15,  #ccourses MOOC. Mia has also been an onsite buddy for Virtually Connecting at DML conference (Alan blogged about it here). Interestingly, all the guests on the hangout have participated in virtually connecting sessions, more than once! (unfortunately Rebecca Hogue who co-founded virtually connecting with me cannot join us Coz she will be traveling)

So while it may seem like I just curated/created a hangout with my friends 🙂 I think it’s simply that I happen to follow closely these emerging trends and people who participate in them are not strangers to me.

It’s also easier when you have a kid who might disrupt your hangout…to know the people with you on the line will understand and forgive that disruption 🙂

Looking forward to having an interesting conversation about all this!


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