Behind the Scenes: Intentionally Equitable Hospitality Series in January

In case you haven’t heard yet, Equity Unbound is kicking off 2023 with an Intentionally Equitable Hospitality series as

Awareness & Action in Intentionally Equitable Hospitality

I was thinking recently about Intentionally Equitable Hospitality, and the role of awareness and action in how it all plays ou

Welcoming Beyond Facilitation (Less Visible Elements of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality)

I was in conversation with Mia Zamora and Rissa Sorensen-Unruh yesterday reflecting on MYFest and Intentionally Equitable Hosp

Join a Conversation on (Intentionally Equitable & Hospitable) Hybridity and Virtually Connecting- Nov 21

So Michael Weinraub asked on Twitter about good practice for hybrid meetings/gatherings, and of course I think Virtually Conne

Be Brave: Spoken Poetry on Anger

The video recorded below came about when Roz saw one of my poems and reached out and asked me if I’d ever spoken my poet

Qualitative Differences in Class Engagement

Today was a super interactive day in my class where I felt everyone engaged and the mood was, honestly, uplifting for me perso

Rolling Up Shirtsleeves: Designing for (Un)Anticipated Needs

How important is it, for you, that you can roll the sleeves of your long-sleeved shirt to above your elbows? Most shirts do, s

Virtual Vulnerability #MYFest22

Today, I participated in a #MYFest22 session led by Tony Carr and Irene Maweu of emerge Africa. It was an emergent session, no

Plain Rice Hospitality

I’ve got a notion in my head, about conceiving of hospitality with the metaphor of plain rice. Egyptians, when they have

#MYFest22 Challenging Conference Exclusions

I came across a post by Ann Gagne entitled “Pedagogy of Complicity” where she critiques f2f conferences especially


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