One Explanation for the Delay in Treatment of Nonwhite Patients with COVID-19 (And What Educators Can Learn from It)

“A retrospective analysis of over 7,000 patients with COVID-19 found that pulse oximeter devices — tools that measure

Humanitarian Colonialism

I’ve been in several different situations recently where I’ve seen people talk about what I’ve also recently

Is Targeted Universalism Enough?

I recently came across the concept of “targeted universalism”. It is an idea I have heard most from john a. powell

Transformative Learning and Its Influence on #MYFest22 Design

In 2018, Autumm Caines and I wrote an article about promoting ownership, agency and equity in educational development work. In

Co-organizing the Learning Journey of Our Dreams #MYFest22

This post is about how I got together with a group of people (Mia, Rissa, Rebecca, Sukaina, Heather, Felicia, George, Anne-Mar

Podcast Where I Talk How My Mom and Kid Helped with #InspringOpen

I was so excited when this podcast episode came out! I get interviewed every now and then for research and for podcasts, often

On the Complex Realities of Care-giving and Care-receiving

One of the beauties of being a non-linear reader is that sometimes I read different things at the same time and make serendipi

Imposter Syndrome Among Confidence, Humility & “Virtual Prophethood” (ugh)

I was trying to explain to my mom the meaning of “impostor syndrome” the other day, and how she contributed to my

Spreading Energy & Connection in Gatherings

Yesterday I led some really good, energetic, interactive sessions. A local 3-hour Zoom workshop and a 90 minute interactive ke

Invitation to Give Feedback on the Equity Unbound @UnboundEq @OneHEGlobal community-building resources

So I’ve just launched a survey where I invite people to give feedback on the community-building resources I’ve co-


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